How To Spot A Bad Magician!

What do they look like?

The first thing to take into consideration is how they look ?
If they are dressed with card ties, badly fitting suits look a little dirty, this is probably not a good start.  Before even enquiring think about who you want representing you and performing magic, a geeky awkward person or someone a little more normal?

What Does Their Web-Site Say About Them?

If you’re researching for a magician a good place to start is their web-site.  Can you see videos, photos and reviews?  If not you have to question why?
Do they just have videos walking into a venue without any performance footage?  Anyone can get their dad to film them walking into a pub perform a few tricks to camera, but if they have no *LIVE* performance footage you have to questions why?


If you’ve never booked a magician before look at their reviews.  What are people saying about them?  Do they have any bad reviews?  I know this sound simple but sometimes we don’t do our research?


Price should give it away, if they are charging a low fee then I would say they aren’t professional.

Amateur magician little or no performance experience £50- £250
Semi-professional magician £250 – £350
The professional magician £350 – £800
The best magicians top 10% £500 – £1500
TV Magician, Dynamo, David Blaine, Darren Brown. £1500 – £30.000
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