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Magician Near Me (Local To Provide The WoW Factor)


If you are throwing a private party, wedding or other celebration, and you are looking to make it extra special by hiring a magician, the best place to turn is google, right and that is why you are reading this page right now. See I’m already reading your mind 🙂

You want the best local talent to come along to your event to spice things up, to really make it a night to remember hiring a local magician near you can be a pain as you just don’t know where to start. You want a magician that will fit the tone of your party, their style, the way they interact with you and how they handle the audience.

You may have a specific kind of magician in mind, you want a close-up or stage performer, a mind-reader or someone to do a particular style of magic. You might also be looking for corporate entertainment.

Phil Taylor Table Magician
Hire A Magician Phil Taylor Hire A Magician UK
Phil Taylor Magic Circle Magician

Much like any other art form or form of entertainment, the range of talent is vast when it comes to hiring an entertainer that fits the specific needs of your event. Hiring the perfect live magician is no exception. If you can find a magician that lives nearby to your venue, knows your type of magic that will work well and fit your budget, and is available to perform, then consider yourself lucky!

Finding a local magician can be tricky if you’re not quite sure of your requirements. Despite that, you want to hire a quality professional who can truly understand your needs. Phil performs at hundreds of functions every year, with the majority of his time spent travelling around the country to help people like you put on unforgettable parties.

Phil is located in the beating heart of England and travels the length and breadth of the country, delivering world-class entertainment that will leave you and your guests astonished.

Whether you are looking to hire a great entertainer, performer or magician, you should always start by exploring your needs and then check their locality. Phil Taylor bills himself as the “local magician” because he understands and grapples with the fear of hiring “anyone” who is not in the local area.

Close up magician

Choosing an experienced close-up magician who performs at events in your area will provide that personal touch and is a great choice. They will know what to do and have a much better understanding of your local audience. You should get more value and importance when you hire them.

While there are tricks of the trade, it’s always best to hire a magician from the Magic Circle who has taken exams and been deemed qualified to perform at a high standard like Phil Taylor. Phil is a world class sleight of hand expert and will provide interactive magic, performing at corporate events, local weddings and special occasions.

Why A Local Magician Maybe Cheaper entertainer.

A local magician may be cheaper as they are not part of the Magic Circle and have passed their exams and would not be able to provide a top notch performance. When you hire Phil Taylor you are hiring a professional to perform close-up magic so expect to pay a little more than a local magician. He not only provides attention to detail but delivers a world class service and is available for hire now.

It’s not every day that we get to celebrate, so why not do it in style?

How far does Phil Taylor travel to entertain his audiences?

As a professional magician, Phil will cover the UK from London to Glasgow and everywhere in between. It’s incredibly restrictive to only hire a magician that’s only based in your city. You should be able to find someone professional that can travel around the UK to perform at your event, no matter what city you live in!

Top Five Reasons To Hire Phil Taylor As Your Local Magician.

1) He is reliable and consistent.

2) He is a professional.

3) He has experience.

4) He is easy to reach.

5) He shows up early.

6) He is a member of The Magic Circle and passed his exams with the highest marks.


Close Up Magician Phil Taylor
Hire A Magician Phil Taylor Hire A Magician UK
Phil Taylor Magic Circle Magician

How to find magicians near Me

It can be hard to find magicians near you that provide a good service that’s why Phil always recommends emailing or ringing a few before making a booking to get an idea of price and expertise. To find magicians near simply do a quick Google search

To Find Magicians Near You Quickly.

To find magicians near simply do a quick Google search “magician for hire” this should bring up all the local magicians if you have got your phone GPS turned on another term you could use is “magician for your event” you want a magician who can mix and mingle and provide mind-reading and card tricks who understands hospitality and social distancing.

About Phil Taylor local magician

Only a few magicians manage to become part of the prestigious London Magic Circle, and Phil is thrilled that I became a member! Phil is an Associate of The Inner Magic Circle, A.I.M.C with a silver star for performance! Only a few performers can say they’ve been part of this club, so I’m lucky to have achieved this award this is the highest standard you can achieve when performing magic.

Phil says he gets immense gratification in conducting private shows on special occasions. His favourite part is when I get to watch people’s faces light up after they witness my crazy bits of madness. Phil was always amazed by magic. It’s my obsession, passion, and life!

Also, Phil founded one of the largest and longest-running podcasts for magicians in the UK and the US. With over a hundred episodes, the podcast has built a community of passionate, engaged, and involved magicians. They’ve shared tricks, advice, and inspiration. This has all been done in an effort to make and improve on our art form—the fortune of our community rested on our ability to take inspiration and find a way to apply it for ourselves.

Hospitality and Understanding For parties and events, find the best magician for hire Now

Phil provides the following services wedding magician, close up magic, table magic, party entertainment and an interactive show.

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