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Manchester Magician For Hire


I am Phil Taylor, Member Of Associate of The Inner Magic Circle, A.I.M.C. the most sought-after award-winning close-up magician in Manchester. I’ve been entertaining audiences with my sleight of hand and mind-reading skills for years. My magic can be seen at weddings, private parties, and corporate events all over Manchester. If you want to see some real magicianship then hire me!

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Hire A Magician Phil Taylor Hire A Magician UK
Hire A Magician Phil Taylor Hire A Magician UK
Hire A Magician Phil Taylor Hire A Magician UK
Magician Manchester

How Does Manchester Magician Work?


When you book me as your Manchester Magician I offer an exclusive service. As soon as I arrive, I will perform for you and your guests. You will witness crazy close-up magic and mind-reading a firsthand experience of amazement. Then I will mix with your guests, approaching them where they sit or stand, you will hear laughter and excitement as I move around the room entertaining your guests. Later you will hear tales of how did he do that? That was crazy magic! I’ve seen nothing like that before. My magic will amaze your guests, leaving them with memories that will last a lifetime.

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My Guarantee To You!


✓ Crazy Magic Tricks

✓ Moments of Madness

✓ Laughter & Excitement

Hire A Magician Phil Taylor Hire A Magician UK
Hire A Magician Phil Taylor Hire A Magician UK
Hire A Magician Phil Taylor Hire A Magician UK
Performing Magic for the bride and groom
wedding magician

Manchester Wedding Magician.


“Creating The Magic So You Don’t Have To”


Weddings are these long days for guests, there’s a lot of waiting around between procedures. That’s where I come in as Manchester’s BEST wedding magician! I kill the lulls and stop all boredom with my tricks–making sure you’re guests have an amazing time. You’ll witness some impossible things that will make your heart melt when me and your friends laugh together during one unbelievable show after another- no matter what age my magic is family-friendly.

The best way to keep people entertained at weddings a professional entertainer! No matter if it’s someone who can do magic tricks like me,

Do you know what would be a perfect ice breaker? Hiring an entertainer of some kind! All your guests won’t know each other, so it’ll give them something to talk about and break the ice. And you can set the tone for the party with ease by choosing me as your wedding magician.

“Wedding are once in a life time, helping you get it right is what I do”.


I’ve written a few short blogs with my tips for any budding bride Wedding Blog.

If you would like to find out more please get in touch NOW.

party magician

Party Magician Manchester


Want something different? Look no further!


You’re planning a party and in need of some entertainment? Why not celebrate in style with Manchester’s best Close Up Magician for an exclusive one-off event at your home or venue. From the moment I arrive, that’s when my magic starts! You’ll see things you never believed possible – leave them all completely amazed by what they have just witnessed!

It’s great to see people you know baffled and wowed, the look of their faces is wonderful. That’s what it’s all about when you hire me as your magician to make sure that everyone has a great time. Get in touch today if this sounds like something up your alley!


Hire close-up magicians in Manchester for house parties.


Throw a party and make it unforgettable. Hiring me as your magician means you don’t need to worry about anything at all – my skills in entertainment ensure that your house party will be one that is remembered for years!


What type of Manchester magician are you?


What type of Manchester magician are you? I’m predominantly a close-up magician, but for smaller audiences my parlor show is perfect. Especially in December when people love to get festive with their party entertainment! Which style do you prefer most though close-up magic or more of a parlor show? Drinks will flow and your guests will have a fantastic time.

Party Magician Phil Taylor
Phil Taylor coporate Magician

Corporate Magician in Manchester


Manchester’s most sought-after magician is an up-and-coming corporate event performer with phenomenal playing cards abilities (the finest in the country) Magic Circle approved as one of the best. He combines these skillful hands with a contemporary flair for performances that are guaranteed to be memorable ones at your next company function or black-tie affair.


Close Up Magician Manchester

Is your event in need of a little magic, comedy, or mind-reading? You’ve come to the right place! Close Up Magician Manchester is an experienced magician who can perform for you as well. If I were hiring someone and they weren’t funny or engaging with people then it could be a disaster so make sure that close-up magicians have great skills before you hire them.

Phil’s YouTube channel has a ton of great clips from his performances that may give some insight into what he would be like when entertaining guests at an informal gathering such as a private party or mind-reading creating a magical atmosphere.

After Dinner Entertainment Manchester


Bored of your usual after-dinner magician? Well, it’s time to get a new one! My show is unlike any other because I perform for all guests and my performance lasts about 25 minutes. Guests have said that they enjoy the experience because we are part of the magic- not just watching from afar like in most shows. You will also love how interactive this show can be with different audience members being chosen at random by me or even you as an entertainer. Additionally, if you would rather watch than participate then don’t worry there’s still plenty to see during my act: levitating people; pulling coins out of ears without touching them; fire eating (maybe not that) /needle swallowing and much much more…


Christmas Party Availability & Performs


Get ready for the most amazing Christmas Party Magician in Manchester. We know it’s never too early to start thinking about this year’s festivities, but we also understand that not everyone has their plans sorted out just yet! If you want some of Manchester’s best close-up magic at your party, then get in touch today and find a date with us so we can make sure everything is perfect on the big day.


How long do you perform your close-up magic at my event in Manchester?


This will depend on what I am able to work with. Some events only allow me a few minutes while others want the full hour or more of entertainment! Get in touch for details.


Do you perform a magic show For Corporate Events?


Yes, and it goes something like this. You have been invited to see a very intimate sleight of hand magic show for people who really love magic and mind-reading. The name is “Don’t believe everything you think”. This event will be absolutely amazing most areas covered.”

Phil Taylor Amazing Guests At A Wedding

How much does a Manchester magician cost?


Amateur magician little or no performance experience £50- £250

Semi-professional Manchester Magician £250 – £350

The professional Manchester Magician £350 – £800

The best Manchester Magician top 10% £500 – £1500

TV Magician, Dynamo, David Blaine, Darren Brown. £1500 – £30.000

Prices differ depending on the experience level and skill set of the magician so be sure to find a price point according to what is in the budget for you!

Frequently Asked Questions


It’s really simple; all you have to do is get in touch with me, tell me about your event, how many guests will be attending, what time of year, share as much detail as possible and Ill give you an accurate quote.


What tricks do you perform?


What magic tricks do you do? Well, I am a member of the Inner Magic Circle with a silver star for performance. For your pleasure and entertainment, let me perform some world-class card tricks or coin tricks followed by amazing mind reading and much much more.


What is the Magic Circle?


The Magic Circle is a British organization with the goal of promoting and advancing this amazing art. Once you’ve succeeded in passing an exam or written thesis on magic, you can be designated as a Member of The Magic Circle (M.M.C.). You might even get to Associate Of Inner Magical Circles A.I.M.C) status if your further achievements are noteworthy enough! I am A.I.M.C that’s why I’m the best magician in Manchester.