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Searching for a top-tier magician in Tamworth? Chances are they’ve entered ‘Tamworth Magician’ into their preferred search engine, and the array of options may seem endless. Well, their quest for the finest Tamworth magician concludes here. Welcome to the epicenter of the most captivating magical entertainment in town, showcasing none other than Tamworth’s own maestro of magic, Phil Taylor!” 🎩✨

The ultimate icebreaker, Phil Taylor stands as the paramount magician and entertainer.

For an event that’s truly extraordinary, booking now is a must!

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Step right into the world of awe and wonder! I’m Phil Taylor, your master of mystique, the wizard of sleight-of-hand magic, and a mindreader extraordinaire. Prepare to have your minds blown and your expectations surpassed.

With over 15 years of dazzling audiences in Tamworth and beyond, Phil Taylor Close Up Magician is your go-to enchantment expert for any occasion. Be it a magical birthday bash, an enchanting wedding reception, or a mesmerizing corporate event, I’ve got the tricks to make it unforgettable.

Why not elevate your next event with a member of the prestigious Magic Circle? Watch in delight as your guests’ faces illuminate with astonishment and curiosity at each mind-bending trick. And here’s the best part – you can make your event a spellbinding interactive experience! Magic is just a booking away.

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Phil Taylor is not just any magician; he’s a celebrated member of the illustrious London Magic Circle, a beacon of magical excellence for over 150 years. Holding the prestigious Silver Star, Phil represents the pinnacle of magical mastery, an honor bestowed only to those who excel in the Circle’s rigorous examinations.

When you bring Phil Taylor to your event, you’re not just getting a magician; you’re getting a maestro of enchantment. His performances are a seamless blend of expert sleight of hand, captivating close-up magic, and a delightful mix of mingling that effortlessly combines humor with drama. It’s a unique, spellbinding package that’s hard to find anywhere else!

Choosing the right magician for your special day, especially a wedding, can be a daunting task. But with Phil, you’re ensuring not just a magician but a true professional. As a local Tamworth magician and a distinguished member of the Magic Circle, Phil brings not just magic, but award-winning, mix-and-mingle MAGIC to your event. Prepare to be dazzled and entertained in a way that only Phil Taylor can deliver!

The Tricks

Step into the enchanting world of Phil Taylor, where everyday items become the stars of a spellbinding show! Picture this: your mobile phone, the deck of cards from your drawer, the coins jingling in your pocket, and that ring you always wear, all turning into the keys to a realm where the impossible becomes possible. With Phil’s touch, a thought is plucked from your mind as easily as picking an apple from a tree, and coins dance and bend in your hands as if by magic. It’s not just a trick; it’s a gateway to a world where reality is twisted into delightful impossibilities, leaving you and your guests with memories that shimmer brighter than the most vivid dream.

But wait, there’s more! Phil Taylor isn’t your average magician; he’s the maestro of a magical symphony tailored to your event’s rhythm in Tamworth. Each performance is a tapestry woven from the threads of your guests’ personalities and preferences. Is your crowd into slow, jaw-dropping reveals, or do they crave fast-paced, blink-and-you-miss-it magic? Phil’s got it all in his mystical repertoire.

Imagine witnessing stunts that would make Dynamo tip his hat in respect, combined with clever, thought-provoking illusions that leave you pondering long after the show. Booking Phil Taylor means transforming your event into an extravaganza of wonder and joy, a place where magic isn’t just performed but is vividly lived and experienced!


We were absolutely thrilled with your performance! Your ability to captivate the audience was remarkable, blending professionalism with a warm, engaging presence. Collaborating with you was a genuine pleasure, and we eagerly look forward to future opportunities.

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