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Close Up Magician Phil Taylor

About Phil Taylor Professional Magician.

Step right up and meet Phil Taylor, not just any magician, but a whirlwind of wonder wrapped in a cloak of charisma! Phil’s not just a card-carrying member of the elite London Magic Circle; he’s an Associate of The Inner Magic Circle, A.I.M.C with a silver star for performance. That’s right, he’s in the magic major league, having snagged this honor on his first try – a feat as rare as a rabbit resisting a top hat!

But hold onto your hats, because Phil’s magic is more than just a prestigious badge. He’s the life of the party at private events, turning ordinary gatherings into extraordinary experiences. For Phil, magic is more than a profession; it’s his passion, his hobby, his very essence. He’s not just performing tricks; he’s weaving connections, leaving audiences spellbound and starry-eyed.

And guess what? Phil’s magical touch extends beyond the stage. He’s the mastermind behind the UK’s largest podcast for magicians, The Magicians Advice Podcast. This isn’t just a show; it’s a magical melting pot of experiences, tips, and interviews with some of the globe’s greatest magicians. Over five years and counting, this podcast has become a buzzing hive of over a thousand magicians, all buzzing about the latest in legerdemain.

But wait, there’s more! Phil’s a Renaissance man with a curious mind. He dives deep into the mysteries of body language, behavioral analysis, and even the digital realms of content marketing, affiliate marketing, car security, and SEO. This man is not just about pulling rabbits out of hats; he’s about exploring every hat in the shop!

With over two decades of dazzling audiences, Phil Taylor is more than a magician. He’s a mentor, an inspiration, and a professional who’s as passionate about sharing his craft as he is about performing it. Need a magician who’s a cut above? 

So, forget the usual yawn-inducing tales of achievements and accolades. Phil’s story is an adventure novel, a rollercoaster ride through a world of magic and mystery. Why just read about it when you can be part of it? Dive into Phil’s world of wonder, or hey, why not whip up a culinary masterpiece? After all, in Phil’s world, every day is a chance to create a little magic of your own!

Email Phil at [email protected] for a spellbinding quote.