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Wedding Games That Will Rock Your Big Day


Your Guests deserve to be entertained.

Hello, and welcome my name is Phil Taylor Magician and Entertainer. In this blog, I will share with you my top 5 wedding games.

 Why should you listen to me?  I’ve been a wedding magician for over 15 years and literally have seen it all – you can benefit from some of my knowledge right here.

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Top 5 Wedding Games

1. Beer/Prosecco Pong


This game is a fantastic ice breaker and helps to bring people together.  Imagine seeing family members and friends laughing and having a great time together, the perfect wedding should be great fun.   All you need is a table and Prosecco Pong both sets start from £9.99  I also notice another fun game that I have never seen at a wedding dartboard shot game, this could get messy.  Beer Pong had to be the number 1 in my top 5 wedding games list.


Photo Credit: Steve Bridgwood Photography

Beer Pong Wedding Games Ideas

2. Giant Bubble Set.



OK this isn’t a game per se, but who doesn’t love bubbles? Picture the scene, Grandparents playing with their Grandchildren laughing having a fantastic time creating memories that will last a lifetime.  Creating the perfect opportunity for photos and downtime.  Bubble kits cost around £9.99 you just set up a table outside for guests to enjoy. Coming in number 2 in my top 5 wedding games.


Photo Credit: Matt Badenoch Photography

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3. Sack Racing.


Sack Racing on a summer evening is a fantastic way to create great joy and laughter.  Imagine the fun after a few drinks, friends, family relaxing ready to really start enjoying themselves.  Sometimes the small touches are the best having a few selective wedding games really does add the fun.  It’s relatively inexpensive at £34 for 5 sacks 
Photo Credit: Kate Jackson Photography
Sack Racing Wedding Games Ideas

4. Swing Ball.


Oh yes! I said Swing Ball. Yes, it’s out there.  I’ve only seen this once before guests were enjoying playing swing ball all afternoon and evening long.  Who doesn’t love a game of Swing Ball – come on if you can picture it now then it’s for you.  Wedding games need to be instantly recognizable and more importantly easy to play.   Swingball is a unique way to add that extra fun factor.  

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5.  Limbo Set.


Wedding game number 5 is the limbo set. If you want fun, laughter, and guests having a fantastic time then setting a limbo set up with some music is the way to go.  Imagine your guests lining up to take their turn in seeing how low they can go.  It’s a great way to create a party atmosphere and will be played well into the night.   Kits start from £13 there are loads of options available.
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The Bad News

Like most things, there is always a compromise. You need good weather to get the most out of wedding games. The other thing to consider is not everyone will want to play larger games.

If you book me as your entertainment I can perform no matter what weather conditions come your way! The bonus of having a magician at your wedding is that I can entertain all age groups throughout any part of your big day.

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Beer Pong Wedding Games Ideas
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