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Party Planning Checklist 



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In the short blog I will share with you my top tips on Party Planning


So you’re planning a party and want some ideas and tips? In the blog you will learn all the things I have seen that really makes a party stand out! Some shortcuts and free downloads to help you on your way to create the most perfect party for you and your guests to enjoy!!

Why listen to me?

I’m a professional magician and entertainer people have booked me for many parties from formal sit down dinner events to intimate family & friend gatherings.  Over the years, I’ve picked up many ideas and tips that I share with you today.

Before you read on at the very end of this blog is my top tip that won’t cost you a single penny!

OK, the first couple of paragraphs self explanatory to cover party planning.  Just skip to Six Week Check Up if you have lists, budges and ideas already!

It’s simple to organising a basic party – but turning it into a great party now that’s a different thing all together!

Basics: Food. Drinks. Location. Entertainment. Music That’s all you need to throw a party.

But depends on key factors


I know if you’re reading this then you are not planning a wedding, but I put together another blog that you may take some ideas from party wedding games.

Another fun game I spotted that I haven’t added to the wedding games blog is this Winning Ballz Up!





3.Guest List
4.Facebook Group


party planning budget



How much money do you have to spend on your party planning? Most things cost, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Whatever the case, maybe it’s important to keep track of spending.  Work out how much you have to spend on your party and plan accordingly.  Below should give you an idea of what you will need to budge for.
First things first… Get a pen and paper and write out your party plan.





Get a date to work towards (Six weeks to one-year plan)  once you have a decided on a date check that is clash with any big sporting events (World cup etc)  having said that it could benefit you if you plan the party around the event.
 The only thing to add really is do you want an evening party or day time gathering both work best in my experience.

guest list

Guests List


Create a guest list, really simple and something you can do right now to get the momentum going.
You’re now starting to build out your perfect party, budget decided, guest list sorted and date confirmed.
Now to decide what kind of party are you hosting?  Formal dinner party or a more relaxed gathering ?
Depending on your event, the venue selection is next.  Are you arranging a small gathering or large?  Do you need to hire a hall or can you keep it at home?




Food & Drink


Food & Drink always important, this echos the above, are you having a sit down formal party or buffet style or canapes?  This is where you can really add something different, you don’t have to do boring standard food, be creative there are a wide selection of buffet styles and different food to sample.  Party Planning is all about the food.




Music Matters!


This will be determined by what kind of party you’re hosting.  If you want people to dance, a DJ or band will be required or maybe both.

I’ve now seen many people use their play lists on Spotify and some kind of PA system or sound system for background music helping to keep the cost down.  Whatever way you go, music is important to help guests relax and also signals its party time.
Something most party organisers forget entertainment; Keeping guests entertained will create a buzz around the room. Here are a few ideas: Bouncy Castle, Photo Booth, Close Up Magician?  I also written another blog on weddings games that could work well at any party check it out here.



Facebook Group


Once you have your guest list, date & venue sorted, create a Facebook group and tell all your family & friends.

Ask everyone to confirm and tick them off your list as you get the response.  For those  that don’t have Facebook send invitations asking for a rsvp, by a certain date and time.
You should be set now – a plan to work towards.  See, I told you this was easy!
top tip

Top Tip


Now open up your calendar app on your phone and place a 6 weeks reminder in to check back to your list or this blog.



Party Planning Six Week Check Up!


Look at your guest list, see who has confirmed & who hasn’t re-contact if need be because you want to order food.  This is your six week tick list.
Contact the venue with final numbers
Contact food caterers
Confirm food & drink orders
Email entertainment.
Cake looks for ideas (everyone loves cake)
Again now add a two-week reminder in your calendar
Two weeks before the party!
Drop a note in your Facebook group to remind everyone of times, etc
Contact people who are not on Facebook, simple text will do.
Confirm entertainment timings.
Confirm food & drink timings
Order cake
Again now add a one-week reminder in your calendar



Party Planning One week to go!


Drop a message to everyone on Facebook reminding them of time and date, tell them about food and drink arrangements and surprises. Also let them know about parking or taxis
Purchase food & drink (maybe the day before for the food)
Hire a cleaner if you’re having a house party.
Tell the neighbors
Specify a place for coats.
Ask a friend to pick up the cake the day before or on the day.

One day before the PARTY!
(If needed prepare food, get drinks chilled) clean the house, or set up hall.

You’re now ready to host an amazing party, enjoy your hard work, have a drink or two and relax.



top tip




Set-up an Instagram hash tag for your party to capture all the photos and videos.  Tell your group on Facebook or better still order a large picture frame CLICK HERE.  You need to put reminders everywhere or maybe just get some disposable cameras…




On the BIG DAY!


Have a friend pick up the cake.
Place chairs.

Week after the Party!

Thank everyone who attended and also thank the people who gave gifts.




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