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Unleash the Magic: Elevate Your Event with Phil Taylor Magician!

Hiring a magician like Phil Taylor is a surefire way to infuse your event with a fresh, exciting vibe. Imagine the buzz of amazement and delight as Phil works his magic! Booking a magician not only piques curiosity but also guarantees an unforgettable experience for everyone in attendance.

With over 15 years of experience, Phil Taylor has solidified his reputation as one of the entertainment industry’s most beloved and respected performers. He’s not just any magician; he’s the host of the UK’s largest Podcast for Magicians and holds the prestigious title of being an Associate of The Inner Magic Circle.

Phil is eager to share his exceptional skills with folks in Burton. His talents extend beyond magic, encompassing uproarious comedy that will leave your guests teetering on the edge of their seats. Prepare to be enchanted and entertained by Phil Taylor at your next event!

Phil is an amazing entertainer and had the whole room amazed and wanting more all evening. We booked him for our engagement party and all of our family and friends spoke about him all night and several took his details to book him for their events.
His magic is flawless, his banter is brilliant, and made people laugh. "Overall we were very pleased and would certainly book him again"

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Matthew Bird

Engagement Party

We hired Phil for our wedding (11-6-23) absolutely amazing, kept our guests entertained for hours, and had laughter all over the room, we have had nothing but excellent feed back from all of our guests. Thank you Phil 5*

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Simon Sutton

Close Up Magic Wedding

We hired Phil for a small party. He was a real hit with the guests. He kept them well entertained with his great sense of humor as well as magic tricks. I would highly recommend!

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Ameesha Solanki

Private Family 40th Birthday Celebration

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Phil Taylor Table Magician
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Hire A Magician Phil Taylor Hire A Magician UK
Hire A Magician Phil Taylor Hire A Magician UK
Hire A Magician Phil Taylor Hire A Magician UK

Frequently Asked Questions


🎩 Do You Perform At Weddings?

Absolutely! Weddings and magic go together like cake and icing. Phil Taylor brings a sprinkle of enchantment to these special occasions, weaving magic in the moments you’ll cherish forever. Curious about what tricks he has up his sleeve? Just hop onto his website for a peek into his magical world!

🎄 Do You Perform At Christmas Parties?

Think twinkling lights, festive cheer, and… magic! Phil Taylor turns Christmas parties into a winter wonderland of wonders. He’s got a sack full of close-up magic that’ll make everyone feel like they’ve stepped into a holiday fairy tale. Dreaming of a magical Christmas? Phil’s your wizard!

🏠 Do You Perform At House Parties?

House parties + Phil’s magic = Legendary gatherings! Forget the usual party stress. With Phil’s spellbinding close-up magic, your living room becomes a stage of awe and your guests, the captivated audience. Ready to make your party the talk of the town? Phil’s your magical maestro!

🎩 What Type Of Magician Are You?

Phil’s a master of mix-and-mingle, a wizard of sleight of hand. He’s not just a magician; he’s the life of the party, transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Watch as he turns a simple gathering into a carnival of curiosity and wonder!

⏰ How Long Will You Perform Your Close-Up Magic At My Event?

Time flies when you’re having fun, right? Phil’s magic show is like a time machine, making hours feel like minutes. Whether it’s a short spell or a marathon of magic, he tailors his time to your event’s rhythm. Just a few hours with Phil, and your event becomes timeless!

💰 How Much Do You Charge To Perform Close-Up Magic?

Magic comes with a price, but Phil’s is worth every penny. Starting at £350, his enchanting performances are an investment in unforgettable moments. Each event is unique, so prices may vary. Get in touch with Phil, and he’ll conjure up a quote just for you!

🏢 Do You Perform At Corporate Events?

Corporate events can be, well, a bit dull. But not with Phil Taylor around! He brings a touch of magic, turning stiff handshakes into gasps of amazement. His sleight of hand works like a charm in breaking the ice and sparking joy. Ready to transform your corporate event? Phil’s your secret weapon!

 🍽️ Do You Perform After Dinner?

Imagine this: dessert’s done, but the sweetest treat is yet to come – Phil Taylor’s after-dinner magic show! Compact, captivating, and chock-full of charm, his 25-minute performance is the perfect finale to a fine feast. Guests love being part of the magic, making every dinner a night to remember.

Hire A Magician Phil Taylor Hire A Magician UK

ABOUT Phil Taylor


Get ready to embark on a journey filled with wonder, laughter, and astonishment, courtesy of none other than Phil Taylor, the magician extraordinaire from Burton Upon Trent! With a flair for creating spellbinding moments, Phil is your ticket to a wildly fun and unforgettable event.

Picture this: Close-up magic that defies belief, mingling antics that’ll have your guests in stitches, and stories that blend humor and drama into an entertainment masterpiece. Phil’s got it all, and he’s ready to unleash the fun at your event!

As a seasoned professional magician, Phil Taylor has the magical touch to engage every guest in attendance. Whether he’s dazzling your audience with jaw-dropping tricks or leaving a lasting mark during post-wedding breakfasts, Phil knows how to make an event truly extraordinary.

Planning an event in Burton Upon Trent? Don’t miss the chance to add a dash of personalized enchantment. Reach out to Phil Taylor today, and watch as your event becomes a roaring success, filled with laughter, awe, and the kind of magic that leaves everyone talking!


We were absolutely thrilled with your performance! Your ability to captivate the audience was remarkable, blending professionalism with a warm, engaging presence. Collaborating with you was a genuine pleasure, and we eagerly look forward to future opportunities.

Selfridges Birmingham

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