So a little about me and my magic.

” Hello, I’m Phil Taylor a Professonal magician who entertains and leaves people amazed with great close up magic, creating moments of astonishment that leaves powerful memories that will last a life time.

“Collect memories, not things”

Ive been studying magic for over 20 years and learning from the world finest magicians.  Magic is my passion, life, hobby and love.

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When I first saw a professonal magician “live” I was blown away, 100% amazed, my mom said I talked about the experience for months after.  Well something in me changed that day, something so profound and powerful, I new all I wanted to do was magic for the rest of my life.  I remember that feeling to this day – for me creating the same feeling in people is a gift that I can offer others.  I love the way magic makes people laugh and have a good time, it really is amazing.

When I’m not performing or practicing magic you can usually find me working out or reading one of my many magic books, over 500, the wife goes mad.  I also enjoy creating web-sites and learning more about that side of my business.

Ok last thing from me if you really want a great time and to create something different and special and have everyone laughing in the room then get in touch for a no obligation quote

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Close Up Magician Phil Taylor