This booking form is to confirm the performance of Phil Taylor Magician as already agreed in previous emails.  Please read the term and conditions below.



Thank you

Terms and Conditions

  • Safety

1) The client agrees to provide a safe working space, suitable for the entertainment and to ensure there is an adequate power supply which meets industry standards if electrical equipment is to be used as part of the performance.

2) The performer agrees to use only electrical equipment that is in safe working order and is PAT tested.

3) The client or other responsible adult, independent of the entertainer, must remain within the room with any children at all times. In a school or other such environment this number must be at least equal to the Government standard requirement for pupil / staff ratios. The performer reserves the right to pause the performance until this is resolved.

4) The client agrees to carry out their own assessment of risk levels at the event venue. The client will not hold the

performer liable for injuries to guests, if the advice provided by the performer is ignored.

5) The client agrees to provide a safe, convenient and legal place to park a car, within a reasonable distance of the venue.

Any extra car parking fees will be charged to the client.

6) Any purposeful damage to equipment by the client or the event guests will be charged to the client.

7) The client agrees that if the performer is threatened, abused verbally or physically by anyone present at the

performance then the performer will be entitled to not perform, without penalty. The total price will remain payable by the client.

  • Payment / Cancellation

8) This booking form also serves as part of your invoice, for the services listed in page 1 of the invoice. The client will pay the total price in advance of the performance, unless otherwise stated above.

9) The performer reserves the right to accept another booking for the same period until this booking agreement is

confirmed, and any initial payment stipulated above is paid. At the time the agreement is confirmed, the performer shall reserve the time mentioned in page 1 to the exclusion of all others. For this reason, in the event that the client cancels the contract for any reason, all payments made shall be retained by the performer to offset their loss of business.

10) Cancellation or alterations of this agreement once accepted, may only take place by mutual consent of the parties.

Such consent must be confirmed in writing to have effect. The performer reserves the right to charge for the total price if the performance does not go ahead as stated above.

11) Neither party will be held responsible for circumstances beyond their control that directly impact the running of the show. This includes, but is not limited to, natural disasters, terrorism, accidents, etc… Every effort will be made to attend your booking, however in the event of circumstances beyond control no further liabilities will be accepted by, or charged to the performer.

  • The Performance

12) If the client and their guests are not present or ready for the performance at the time stated on page 1 then the

performer reserves the right to shorten the performance or charge a surcharge to extend the performance.

13) Except in the case of valid insurance claims, the performer will not be liable for any further compensation above the value of the show.

  • Law

14) Any changes to the performance schedule will be subject to these Terms and Conditions.

15) These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.