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West Midlands Magician



Looking for a magician in the West Midlands?  Do you want something different, something exciting to amaze you and your guests? Well, look no further than I’m your magician. Hiring a magician will set the tone for your event, be it a wedding party or corporate function.

I pride myself on bringing people together, performing crazy magic, leaving you and your guests totally bamboozled with conversation that will last a lifetime.




West Midlands Wedding Magician

Wedding Magician

Your wedding will be the most important day of your life, keeping the guest entertained is important as there should be something happening at every moment of your day.  Booking a magician help to fill the moments where your wedding is a little slower as the photos are being taken or as the room is being turned around.  I can offer the magic for you to help make your big day that little more special.  To find out more about my wedding packages and ideas please click here.

We have some stunning wedding venues across the West Midlands and here are a handful I’ve performed at.  Westmead Hotel is an amazing venue on the border of Birmingham and Worcestershire, it a great location to hold a wedding.  Curradine Barn is located in Kidderminster West Midlands and the perfect rural space to have a great day.  To find other great veneus across the West Midlands check out Hitched.co.uk

There are number of blogs I’ve wrote to help you understand what booking a wedding magician in the west midlands can do for you CLICK HERE to read them all.


Wow…we had Phil at our wedding and he astonished all our guests, I had people come up to me all night saying the magician blew their mind… amazing! And such a lovely guy.. would highly recommend to anyone ..thanks Phil 

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Louise Westbury

Facebook Review 5 Star Wedding

Card Trick With Phil Taylor
West Midlands Party Magician

Hire A Party Magician.

Are you planning a party and need some entertainment? Booking me as your magician I will help to break the ice, bring people together, creating moments of wonder and laughter, setting a fun tone to your party.

It’s important to get it right for any occasion hiring a magician will go a long way in doing so.

If you want fun, laughter and amazement get in touch for a no obligation quote and consolation.

West Midlands Corporate Magician

Corporate events don’t have to be stuffy, dull events. If you want to show colleagues a quality time, then booking me as your magician will add excitement, amazement and wonder. With other 15 years of experience and performing for some top globe brands I know how to entertain.

Close up, I perform magic only a few feet away. Let your guests wonder what just happened as they witness the impossible.

Having a magician walk among your guests is a brilliant way for them to witness close up magic and sleight of hand

Available for award ceremonies, gala dinners & client entertainment events.



Hire A Magician Phil Taylor Hire A Magician


Booking Me As West Midlands Magician 


My whole aim is to offer amazing magic that will leave your guests feeling amazed, bewildered and enjoying the occasion.  My style of magic is modern, contemporary with a more relaxed feel.  I like to surprise guests with amazing magic.  Once people learn a magician is in the room showing them mind-blowing magic, a buzz takes over as guests wait their turn.


Why Book A Magician


Most people have only ever seen a magician on TV or social media so their perspective of magic is through a screen.  Once your guest’s experience “LIVE” magic, they will be amazed at how good the magic is .  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say,” I’ve seen magic on TV but never right in front of me.” That’s why booking a magician is important to offer an experience you can’t get anywhere else.  If you would like to find out more, please call 07967155970 or email ptaylor@magicianscorner.co.uk



What Magic Tricks  Do You Do?


It’s taken me many years to learn to perform magic that leaves people bewildered.  I learned magic at the age of 12, but it took many years to be invited into the magic circle to learn from the best.   The tricks I do are with everyday objects, mobile phones, bank-notes, coins, cards.  You see using anything out of the ordinary makes people think it’s just a prop, but when I do magic with things they can handle and see, everyday objects it adds that impact to make people question reality.

Hire A Magician Phil Taylor Hire A Magician
Hire A Magician Phil Taylor Hire A Magician


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FAQs about West Midlands Magician.



What kind of magic do you perform a West Midlands Magician ?


My style of magic is unique to me I’ve been developing and redefining my style of performance for over two decades.  For me I never know what tricks I will perform until I’m at the event.  I pick the correct trick that will resonate with my spectators.  Every audience is different and will require different demonstrations of amazement .  That’s what makes a true professional magician, understand people so they will enjoy your event even more.



How much does it cost to hire West Midlands Magician ?


It depends on your event? I would have to take into concentration location, time you require, number of guests and a few other factors before I can quote you correctly.


What events do you cover in the West Midlands?

Weddings, Party’s and Corporate Events



Hopefully, you understand what I can do for you and if you to find out more or get a quote please fill in the form below or call me on 07967155970 for a no-obligation quote and a general conversation.



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