Wedding Magician Phil Taylor

Adding The Entertainment To Make Your Wedding Truly Magical.

Hello, welcome to my wedding page. Right now you’re properly looking for entertainment or considering a wedding magician but you may have a few burning questions:

How do I know if he’s any good? How much does a magician cost ?  Where is the best time to have a magician perform?

These are all superb questions and I’ll answer them below.

Before I answer your questions here’s a little about me. My name is Phil Taylor, wedding magician. I’ve been performing close up magic for over 15 years. I fell in love with magic after seeing a trick performed in Hamleys toy store London when I was a child. The feeling of amazement when witnessing something impossible happen in front of me totally blew my mind. Ever since that moment my life has been about magic, creating that feeling for others to enjoy and experience.

When booking me as your magician my promise to you is I will create amazement, unforgettable moments, fun and laughter for all your family and friends to enjoy.

Phil performed his awesome magic skills at our wedding. Everyone including us were amazed by his tricks and we all enjoyed his performances as he made his way around the room ensuring all the guests had seen his magic. Phil is a lovely guy who made us all feel relaxed and engaged well with our guests.

Lara Fullwood

Google Review 5 Star Wedding

Wedding Magician Phil Taylor
Wedding Magician Phil Taylor

Why do most couples’ book a wedding magician? Simple; they want to create an EPIC wedding!

Ok, I’ll be 100% honest here, this web-page isn’t me telling you how AMAZING I am or how UNFORGETTABLE your day will be if you book me. That’s standard when booking a professional magician, amazement and unforgettable moments, RIGHT?

This page is more about helping you gather information on how to book your perfect wedding magician (hopefully me)

Once you’ve decided that a magician is definitely for you, you will probably have many questions. I’ve answered the most frequently asked questions below. At the very end of this page are my wedding packages.


Making Your Wedding The Best It Can Be!

We had Phil for our wedding on Friday 11th August 2017.. Wow! Us and all our guests were blown away by the magic. We have no idea how he does what he does but our guests faces watching him have made truly magical pictures for our album. Phil himself if a really nice guy who makes everyone feel relaxed and happy! Book him now!

Shelley Anderson

Facebook Review 5 Star Wedding

How do I know if a magician is any good?

Simple, reviews, reviews, reviews!

The proof is in the pudding. If you’re NOT seeing reviews this has to be an instant red flag. When researching any entertainment or wedding service they should have at the very least 30 reviews on Google or Facebook. Another red flag is if the reviews are not spread out over time, a real expert should have been providing their services for several years. If you can see all this is in place, then you’re onto a winner!

Once you’ve ticked the review box. Check out their photos, they say a picture is worth a thousand words. With a magician a picture confirms what you want your guests to experience, fun, laughter and amazement. This is what will create unforgettable moments that will be talked about for years to come. Videos should tell you a little about the magicians personally and their style of magic. When looking at photos can you see the magician working at the kind of wedding you are planning? If not, ask why?


Client Satisfaction

Wedding Magician Phil Taylor

How much does a wedding magician cost?


Once you have found a magician, it’s down to budget.
Amateur magician little or no performance experience  £150- £250
Semi-professional magician  £250 – £350
The professional magician £400 – £800
The best magicians £800 – £1500
TV Magician, Dynamo, David Blaine, Darren Brown £1500 – £30.000
Ultimately, you want the best for your wedding, it’s important to get it right as you only get married once.




When is the best time for a magician to perform?

Champagne Drinks Reception


(Between the Wedding Ceremony & Wedding Breakfast)

Usually, at this point in your day, the photographer calls everyone together for the all-important photos.  Guests are left standing around drinks in hand waiting to be called for their turn.
Having a wedding magician helps break the time up for the guests keeping the momentum going in high spirits, photos usually take between an hour or two, depending on how many guests have been invited.
When the photos are over, you will rejoin your guests hearing tales of impossible magic and mind reading, it’s then your turn with the magician, I will take you into my world so you too can experience crazy magic and mind reading.




Room Turnover


(Between The Wedding Breakfast & Evening Party)

Depending on how you have your wedding day planned the turning over of the main room can be the perfect place to have a magician.
Let me explain, the day guests make their way to the bar or alternative area, there will be a period of time just waiting around.  This is where I will come in and provide amazing entertainment mind reading and magic, re-energising people for the big party!
The room turn over could take anywhere from between one hour or two, depending on how well oiled the venue is.  Having a magician can act as a contingency plan if things don’t go accordingly, I’ll be there to keep everyone entertained.



The Party  


(Your Evening Reception)

As the evening guests arrive and the day guest’s mix in with the new arrivals, I will be there amazing people creating a buzz whilst you guys enjoy your party into the evening.  Not everyone will be waiting to dance so why not provide something different, amazing for all to enjoy.


“Most People Will Only Ever See A Good Magician Twice In A Life Time”




Amazing Guests At A Wedding Phil Taylor

Hired Phil for our wedding, we wanted something different, not cheesy.
Our guests are still talking about how great he was!
IM not joking his slight of hand is unreal!
Highly recommended!!!

Andrew McCutcheon

Facebook Review 5 Star Wedding


Wedding Packages




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