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Top 5 Mistakes When Planning A Wedding!

5 Things Brides Forget When Organising A Wedding.

1. Uninformed Guests.


Make sure your guests are prepared and informed so they know what to expect when they arrive. If you are planning an outdoor ceremony your guest will want to know so they can dress appropriately for the weather.  Have flyers made up of the running order to the day, give them out at the church or have the best man hand them out.  Open a Whats app or Facebook Group Chat, post the running order there.  Assign a point of contact a close friend or family member who will take your calls for the day, reply to text messages. This sounds simple but most brides forget that their guests will properly want to contact them on the day if they don’t know what or where to be.


2. Speeding Through Photos.


Most brides don’t allow enough time for photos.  Ask the photographer how long they normally take with the amounts of guests you have, get quotes and ask that question. That should give you a rough idea of timing, then add 15 mins.

3. IMPORTANT – Hiring” A Pro Not A Friend.


You may have a friend who takes great Facebook photos or a mate who used to be a DJ back in the day.  The different in hiring a professional DJ / Magician / Photographer is they have years of experience they are paid to make your wedding amazing, if anything goes wrong they will know how to fix it whilst offering a quality service.  Also don’t you want your friends to enjoy your wedding instead of having to work through it, anyway?


4. You don’t delegate.


Your wedding day is busy and stressful enough without adding a million other things to your plate. Let your wedding party, family and friends help you. Assign them to do small tasks for you like, collecting gifts at the end of the night or organising family members during photos. Simple tasks that could stress you out can easily be handed off to someone else that wants to help.

5. Not letting your service providers do their job.


Hopefully you took the advice from # 3 and hired a  professional caterer, DJ, photographer and magician rather than friends or family. You are most likely paying a lot of money for these people to do their job so get out of their way and let them do what you paid them to do. Let them take care of their department and you just relax and enjoy your day.
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