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by Freddy Jacquin

Change Your Life In Seven Days (Book & DVD)

This is the first hypnosis book I ever purchased and would recommend to anyone who is looking to change something in their lives. 

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Win the crowd by Steve Cohen.

The book I recommend you purchase and read, this book has many more tips and tricks on how to become a better magician performer.  Steve will take you through steps on how to build charisma, command a room and so much more.  This really is gold for anyone wishing to become a better performer.


This is the balancing oil I talk about in the ebook, if you only do one thing buy this, hold back from buying the latest magic trick and buy the oil, it will last you for over a year, depending on usage.  Ive been using it for years and if I feel a little stressed or over excited this is the stuff I turn too.  I keep it in my close up case and a bottle at home.