In This Episode Ian and Phil talk with Magician Marc Lavelle. Marc talks about his journey in magic from a young hobbyist to the working pro he is now. He explains how one of his first important steps was visiting his local magic shop which he then got a job with and used to springboard into gigs.

The three magicians talk about magic dealers and the pros and cons of working in a magic shop, they talk product trailers and why magicians end up with bottom draws full of unused props. On top of this Marc gives some great advice about what you should do if someone says “Show me a trick!”

Marc talks about working with TV magic and why TV magic is edited the way it is.

Marc explains how he developed ‘Changeling’ and how the process of releasing an effect to the market worked for him.

Finally Marc gives a great tip for why he wears two watches at a gig and how he uses this get a brilliant moment of comedy setting the scene with his spectators.

It was a real pleasure chatting with Marc, please do check out his releases (especially his upcoming releases)  and find him on social media.

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