5 Things Brides Forget When Organising A Wedding.

1.  Have A Main Person Of Contact.

Its important to have a designated friend or family member to be a point of contact for the day they should take phone calls and direct people and generally help you out to ensure your day runs smooth.


2. Have A Plan For Bad Weather.

The first thing to do is to find out the arrange weather for the time of year you plan to have your wedding.  Ask the wedding coordinator at the venue if they are prepared for all weathers?
Sometimes the heat is just as bad as the cold and rain.  If you can plan to have ices creams and cold drinks this will help guests say cool and they will also enjoy something a little different. 

3. IMPORTANT – Arrange A Facebook / What App Group.

Tag everyone in who you have sent invites to.  The evening before, have a running order of the day drawn out, you can even write this on a peace of paper.
The amount of times I go to a wedding and guests have no idea where they are meant to be or what time. This really will help your day run much better.

4. Bring a Change of Shoes

The one thing I hear all the time is my feet are hurting.  Enough said about this one, bring a change of shoes.

5. Have A Close Friend Gather Up Your Gifts.

Its often over looked things get left behind.  Have someone gather your gifts and cards and drop them to your room or have them taken to your house.
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