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My name is Phil Taylor Professional Magician, Mind Reader, and Entertainer. My Job is to leave you and your guests bewildered, gobsmacked and amazed.

Hopefully, you have seen me performing magic somewhere around Derbyshire or maybe you have read my 5 Star reviews on Google or Facebook if so you have come to the right place.  I offer a unique experience something different to add that extra touch to your next event.

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What Can I Do For You?


Amazing Magic

Create Laughter & Fun

Perfect Icebreaker

Professional Polished Performance


By booking me as your magician, I offer an exclusive service, something you can’t buy anywhere else. I will entertain and tell tales from a secret world and demonstrations of impossible magic, so you and your guest can delight in wonder, keeping guests entertained and amazed.

Having a magician at your party helps to create a fantastic vibe, gives people a natural talking point and creates memories that will last a lifetime.  If you’re ready to find out more, please call 07967155970 or email  to see if your date is free.

What tricks do I perform?


The magic I perform depends on the people I find in front of me.  I tailor my magic to the situation, no two people are same.  If for example, it’s a bunch of men, I may show them impossible gambling demonstrations, something that resonates with a crowd.  Or if I’m performing for teenagers, I may do something with their mobile phones.  I perform with everyday objects to bend reality and offer another way of looking at the world.  You see magic is about impact something different that you don’t see every day.  To find out more please call me now on 07967155970 or email

Phil performed his awesome magic skills at our wedding. Everyone including us were amazed by his tricks and we all enjoyed his performances as he made his way around the room ensuring all the guests had seen his magic. Phil is a lovely guy who made us all feel relaxed and engaged well with our guests.

Lara Fullwood


Where do I perform my magic?


That depends on the were the venue is in Derby. In the past, I’ve performed at many types of venues from birthday celebrations in working restaurants to weddings in historic castles.  My magic is dynamic and flexible I can move with guests, if they are seated outside I can perform amazing magic there, if the weather changes I can come inside or if it’s an award ceremony I can perform from table to table.  That’s another advantage of booking a professional close up  magician we are flexible working with you to create the perfect event.

We thought you were amazing!  We found you to be very engaging with the audience, very professional yet welcoming. We really enjoyed working with you and hope to work with you again. Our Christmas plans are very exciting this year as our theme is Constellations. I’m sure we can tie magic in here somehow, so I will be in touch when we have a more firm plan.

Selfridges Birmingham

Thinking of hiring Derby Magician For Your Wedding ?


Your wedding day will be the biggest days of your life and you will want you and your guests to be looked after and entertained?  Booking a magician for the quieter parts of your day will be a good way to keep the momentum  going.  It’s important to have some kind of activity at every part of your day.  I have a dedicated page just for weddings CLICK HERE to find out more.

There are some great venues around Derby the ones that stand out for me are The West Mill and Ashes Barns and Country House to find more wedding venues have some great recommendations.

I’ve also written a few blogs that you may find interesting.  My favorite one is my Top 5 games to play at weddings.  If you would like to find out more please get in touch today CLICK HERE.


My Guarantee To You


OMG Moments

Crazy Magic Tricks

Polish Performance

20 Year Of Experience


Need something different for your party?


Booking a magician for any milestone birthday party is a great idea.  People who attend birthday parties are usually up for fun and want to be entertained.  I can’t tell you how impactful magic is at these types of events.  So I will show you with a few reviews.  If you would like to read more about my party services please CLICK HERE.

Hopefully, you understand what I can do for you and if you want to find out more or get a quote please fill in the form below or call me on 07967155970 for a no-obligation quote and a general conversation.



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