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5 Things Wedding Guests Dread


1. Clash Of Events.

This is probably one of the most important things to keep in mind when planning dates for a wedding, does the football or another major event happen on the date of your wedding.

I have been booked in the past to perform when the world cup was on with 150 guests, just as the speeches were going ahead, England were playing in the semi final, as you can imagine most of the guests were cramped around a little TV trying to watch not interested in speeches.  If you do happen to book a date with a major event make sure the times don’t clash with what you have planned, if you can use this to your advantage allow for this time and let guests enjoy the football or what ever.  Ask the venue to set up an area with a TV for the people who want to watch the event, they will thanks you for this later.



2. Timing In-between The Ceremony & Reception.


Don’t allow for long gaps between your ceremony and reception, unless you have a plan on how to fill the time ( close up magician). Let the guests know early on whats happening and when, this is relatively simple, have your best man hand out an itinerary of your plans this put everyone at ease, you can get these printed out at vistaprint.



3. Dinner Served Too Late.


Guests will be hungry, weddings are a long day for people so the mains need to be served in a timely fashion is important to stop the grumbles.  My advice, go to the venue where your getting married and have a meal see how organised they are. When booking your venue and arrangement for food ask the question how long before courses, usually the first course is served and the main should follow 30 mins after.

Also a thing to note is when do you want speeches to start before or after the meal?



4. Drinks Problems.


Most wedding I’ve attend provided drink or they have a section of drinks on the table for people to choose from, wine, beer, soft drinks and water.  I always think its nice for people to walk in and not have to worry about going to the bar straight away. Another popular option is having an open bar, if you do go down this road don’t open this up to early so people get drunk you could also have a limited bar.

If you’re having a large wedding make sure the venue has enough staff working on the day to cover demand, I’ve seen it time and again the venue puts one person behind the bar leaving guest queuing for 15 – 20 mins, that’s one way to kill a wedding reception very fast, people will leave early.


5. Its Not Karaoke.


Don’t let off key wedding guests convince you to sing them down the aisle, you’ve been warned.  After tell the DJ not to give the microphone to anyone for any tributes this is your big day, you want your wedding to be a classy occasion for people to enjoy.



That’s it my top five tips that wedding guests dread.  If you take one idea from the list then its been worth reading.

If you have any questions or need to know anything please let me know.



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